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water damage dry out restorations
water damage dry out restorations

Next to fire, few natural forces can cause as much damage to a structure as water. While fire almost always damages dramatically, water can affect a structure in many ways. Enough water can strip a home from its foundation and demolish it in seconds.

Also, a small and steady, but unwanted and undetected leak of water can render a home completely uninhabitable given the right conditions.

Because water damage can destroy homes and even the health of those who live in them, our team specializes in helping clients restore their homes quickly. We even provide emergency water damage service.

What Constitutes Emergency Water Damage

When most people think of emergency water damage, they think of natural disasters. Hurricanes and other weather events generate flooding that brings water into homes. It leaves a toxic brew of grime, dangerous microbes, sewage, and more.

Water’s destructiveness makes many other situations emergencies as well. Large spills that saturate floors, dry wall, and other home components create emergency situations, as do the effects of long term, undiscovered leaks.

Why You Need Services Performed Quickly

Significant water damage to structures constitutes an emergency anywhere in the United States. Here in South Florida, however, we see the consequences of damage develop much faster than elsewhere.

Besides weakening wooden frames, floors, and roofs, water damage also invites mold. Unfortunately, water damage in our warm and humid climate often issues a quick invitation to Stachybotrys chartarum, known more commonly as toxic black mold. Although children and the elderly are most at risk to respiratory system damage from its spores, anyone can fall ill when exposed.

Even a tiny leak or small amount of damage left alone long enough can result in dangerous blooms of black mold in hidden recesses of your home.

How a Professional Can Help

Because water, building materials, time, and mold spores adds up to trouble, you need professional help when you have a water emergency.

Our team understands the full scope of potential dangers that come from water damage, even when it gets detected and contained quickly. Therefore, we do more than simply clean up the spill.

Once we remove water from the affected area, we look for signs of mold growth. If we detect mold, our team has experienced, professional, and certified technicians who understand how to find and remove it.

We can also analyze the affected area for other potential problems. These include dangerous structural weakening if water has saturated key elements of the structure. We will analyze the extent of the damage and also recommend a plan of restoration.

Reach Out Today

At Dry Out Restorations, we bring nearly five decades of experience to remediating water damage. We also understand the specific conditions of South Florida and know how to prevent further damage, especially during warm and humid seasons.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of services. These include not only water damage remediation, but mold removal, fire damage remediation, and emergency water damage service. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to answer questions or set you up for conventional or emergency service.

Don’t let your water damage emergency threaten to harm your structure or your health. Call the experts at Dry Out Restorations today.



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