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water damage dry out restorations
water damage dry out restorations

As an event that most people dread, flooding has the potential to cause a lot of damage. At Dry Out Restorations, we provide post-flood recovery services throughout Southeast Florida. If you know what to do if your apartment starts flooding, you may be able to prevent significant damage. With our tips, you can reduce the costs associated with recovering from the event. How you respond to your flood will probably depend on what has caused it and whether you’re able to stop the flow of water.

Stop the flow of water, if you can

If your apartment is flooding for a reason other than bad weather, see if you can stop the flow of water. For example, if you’ve allowed a bath to overrun, turn the tap off. Or if you suspect you’re dealing with a burst pipe and you believe it’s safe to turn off the main water supply, make sure you do it.

At Dry Out Restorations, we only recommend turning off the main water supply if you’re absolutely confident there’s no risk to yourself. If you believe the supply has been compromised by structural problems or there’s a risk of electrocution, call a professional instead.

Remove valuable items and essential medications

You won’t be able to remove everything from your property if your apartment starts flooding. Instead, we recommend thinking fast and taking items that are valuable and essential. Taking valuable items is important as your building may be vulnerable during a flood. As a result, there’s a chance someone may loot it.

If the flood is going to result in you leaving your property, we recommend taking medications and other essential items with you. Take enough to cover yourself for the next few days. And don’t forget identity documents, as well as credit and debit cards.

Start drying everything out

If your apartment is flooding because of a cause you can stop, we recommend starting to dry everything out. Start gathering items such as fans, dehumidifiers, and anything else that can dry out water. We also recommend opening windows if the weather is favorable outside.

Although using fans and dehumidifiers won’t rectify the problem completely, it will stop the water from setting in and it can limit some of the damage. As we provide flood restoration services, you can call on us to dry your property out thoroughly. Until that time comes, it’s a good idea to give yourself a head start.

Call your insurance firm

Whether you’re a tenant or you own a property, you need insurance. Alerting your insurance firm to damage at the earliest opportunity gives you a headstart in making a financial recovery. At Dry Out Restorations, we’re happy to provide your insurance agency with details of the work we’ve carried out and any costs associated with it.

If you are a tenant, you need to alert your landlord or property management company at the earliest opportunity. They may want to come out and assess the damage for themselves. Additionally, it gives them a chance to contact their insurance company at an early opportunity too.

Ask for help

At Dry Out Restorations, we often find that our customers are emotionally exhausted when a flood occurs. Because of this, we recommend asking others for help when it comes to the cleanup. They can make the process go faster, plus they’ll be there to absorb some of your emotional stress too.

If you’re living in South East Florida and your apartment is flooding, come to us during the aftermath. We can help dry your property out and restore it during the post-flood period. To get a quote from us, call 305 2850 030.



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