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mold remediation dry out restorations
mold remediation dry out restorations

This is a very common situation that affects all. Spotting on the ceiling whether yellow which reflects prolonged damage or just water spots, its a clear sign of roof damage. First and foremost we advice you call a restoration company, have them send a technician in order to determine the cause and of the leak. Roof leaks lead to humidity and if neglected , will cause mold. Said company will review the damages to the present you with the plan towards restoring your property and project cost. Once the cause is determined steps are taken to stop further damage from occuring. In the case of a roof leak, a tarp is placed over the damaged area. Followed by cutting out all sections of the ceiling that have been exposed to water damage. When water damage occures it is accompanied by humidity. Professional grade equipment such as humidifiers and air movers are placed through out the property in order to eliminate any excess humidity caused by the damage. If mold is detected, we follow by decontamination and encapsulation. This process will kill any mold spores which have grown due to the roof damage. We make the process easier to restoring your home to its original state.



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